Competitions and clubs...

From the outset the Battletrax system was devised with wargame competition in mind.

Based on its attributes of firepower, armour, and mobility we have calculated an "asset" value for each tank.

The asset values can be viewed by clicking here

The provision of asset values not only provides a sense of a tank's relative power, but also provides the opportunity to organise games which have balanced red and blue teams. We can set games at 5000 points value a side, or 100 a side, and anything in between.

Although the system is designed to accommodate up to 20 players a side it is more likely we will typically see a couple of Tigers vs eight Shermans due to the disparity in tank type effectiveness.

Obviously the advantage of the Tigers can be realised better in some tactical scenarios and less so in others. The game sets a strategic challenge to select the assets best suited to achieving the game objective.

We will encourage the establishment of clubs and actively promote competition at local, national and international level.


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